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I Wilted Today….

I wilted, and I wasn’t even outside.

Today was 93 degrees…In My House. How did that even happen? I had all the windows closed except for the designated “Juuuuust A Hair open, so the cooler will rush out through it, inadvertently hitting us beings and making us smile” window. All the blinds were closed, making us look as if we had a questionable substance shop going on in the place. And we did.

A sweat shop.  A. Sweat. Shop.

I couldn’t leave it behind. It was in the kitchen, when I went to get a popsicle. (The popsicle didn’t help. It just teased my throat a bit.) It was in the bedroom as I decided to lay down for a nap, just to while away the time and hopefully getting a time warp into the future where it is less than 84 degrees in the air.  I couldn’t even leave it behind when I went into the magic room with it’s own cooler (yes it was cooler, but only by a bit, thereby making my sweat cold on my skin. ugh.)

So I wilted.

I could tell because first, my hair stopped loving itself. It lay limply on my head, and refused to play nice. It schlumped around, throwing a temper tantrum, and let me tell you, it did a good job. Hair sticking to my scalp in odd places, and jumping up in the air in other spots. Rude.   Then, my clothes got wind of the hair going AWAL. I know this because they started to climb, ride, and stick where they had no business being in the first place. Surprising, when I got up to answer the door, and I had to do a quick talking to for all of it. Blech.  Next came, well, my temper. It rose, and bubbled and boiled. Just ask my husband. He was on the short end of it. When we were in nap mode, my temper let him know in no uncertain terms, that he had sticky elbows, large arms, and WILL YOU GET YOUR FOREHEAD OFF MY PILLOW?  (he just looked at me and shook his head, but non-threateningly. He is used to that skill after 21 years.) Lastly, my wilt became complete when I found myself laying on the sofa of the main floor, and just staring at the ceiling. Willing the time to go by. Waiting for…something to break up the heat, and being just fine with the sheen of moisture that popped out all over my neck and face. (The highlight of the afternoon came from the texts that were sent to me. You know who you are. Thank you.)

At 9:00 PM, the temperature dropped to roughly 85 degrees, and I have felt like someone watered my spirit with gatorade and happiness. Does it matter that tomorrow will be just about as hot? Nope. Because today has taught me to live in the moment. My hair agrees. My clothes are calm again, and I have energy. Thank you, anti-wilt fairy. Remind me to make you some brownies. I will make them, of course, when it isn’t so hot in the kitchen. Check back next week. Whew!


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My perma-grin is shiny…

I have seen tonight:English: Close-up picture of billiard balls

A shimmy.

A coin slot.

3 coins in a fountain.

A lot of billiards.

Also, knees being scraped, hysterical laughter, a small fish flopping around like, well a fish, and 7 children in a scu-fuffle..

The simplest situation that put me here is: FAMILY REUNION

English: Hot tubbing in Keystone, Colorado.

English: Hot tubbing in Keystone, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It encompasses 1 patriarch, 5 children, 5 spouses, and a gaggle of teens/kids/infants. And, lots of caffeine. Also, large amounts of laughter, cards, pool, hot tub, tv, and food. This equals chaos to many of the people here, but not me. Nope. My kids are grown enough that they can go away on their own. They are out of diapers, drool, and Disney Jr. channels. So when a child is whining, crying, screaming or begging for something, it isn’t up to me to fix it.


This explains the slight smile that I have worn all day. It means, “I love your little darlings, but I can walk away at any time. And. You. Can’t. Neenerr-Neenerr-Neenerr.”   Or something like that.


Fight! (Photo credit: Aislinn Ritchie)

I call it my perma-grin smile, and it is getting better and better as the day goes on. And this is only day 1. Tomorrow holds hiking and fishing. Also some shopping. None of which includes me worrying if my child is wearing the right clothing, or eating enough, or if it is time for a nap. I don’t have to wonder if my child will be bullied or be the bully. Or if they are not interacting with their cousins enough at all.


I do love the memories of when I had small children. And I love the small children around me. I just don’t have to herd them. And that makes my perma-grin shine right up. Who knows what fantastic-ness will come with this chaos? I’m looking forward to it. 🙂


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