My perma-grin is shiny…

09 Jun

I have seen tonight:English: Close-up picture of billiard balls

A shimmy.

A coin slot.

3 coins in a fountain.

A lot of billiards.

Also, knees being scraped, hysterical laughter, a small fish flopping around like, well a fish, and 7 children in a scu-fuffle..

The simplest situation that put me here is: FAMILY REUNION

English: Hot tubbing in Keystone, Colorado.

English: Hot tubbing in Keystone, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It encompasses 1 patriarch, 5 children, 5 spouses, and a gaggle of teens/kids/infants. And, lots of caffeine. Also, large amounts of laughter, cards, pool, hot tub, tv, and food. This equals chaos to many of the people here, but not me. Nope. My kids are grown enough that they can go away on their own. They are out of diapers, drool, and Disney Jr. channels. So when a child is whining, crying, screaming or begging for something, it isn’t up to me to fix it.


This explains the slight smile that I have worn all day. It means, “I love your little darlings, but I can walk away at any time. And. You. Can’t. Neenerr-Neenerr-Neenerr.”   Or something like that.


Fight! (Photo credit: Aislinn Ritchie)

I call it my perma-grin smile, and it is getting better and better as the day goes on. And this is only day 1. Tomorrow holds hiking and fishing. Also some shopping. None of which includes me worrying if my child is wearing the right clothing, or eating enough, or if it is time for a nap. I don’t have to wonder if my child will be bullied or be the bully. Or if they are not interacting with their cousins enough at all.


I do love the memories of when I had small children. And I love the small children around me. I just don’t have to herd them. And that makes my perma-grin shine right up. Who knows what fantastic-ness will come with this chaos? I’m looking forward to it. 🙂


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