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Thoughts From A Member of Life: Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Thoughts From A Member of Life: Beam Me Up, Scotty!

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How Bout Now? No…Now? Grrrr…..

Writers block can be frustrating, intimidating, and, well, downright discouraging. I know, because I have it. It seems the more I force the situation, the more the writers block just digs in and says, “Um no. You are not in charge of this part. Go for a walk, fold some socks, or just throw your tantrum in the other room. It’s not a good time to be writing anything today.” Now after I have gone for a walk, and folded the socks, as well as throwing my tantrum in the hallway so I don’t mess up any creativity MOJO that may still be lingering on my writing space, …. I’m still blocked. Now what? Um, it’s still not time! This is about when I notice how writer’s block is like other areas in my life. I simply don’t have control over the timing in these areas, either. And no matter how I prepare, or manipulate the elements in that area, the TIMING is simply not mine to control. For instance, the birth of my 2nd son. 1. I had a date narrowed down, … sort of. 2. I had a route to get to the hospital, …unless there was traffic/construction/tidal wave, etc. 3. I had an idea of who would be delivering my baby, …mostly. 4. I knew without a doubt that the epidural would be my choice of pain control…-ish. Yah. This is how it really went down: A. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting. B. Wishing and willing the boy to start his engines so I could keep my schedule. C. Waiting and waiting and waiting some more until I was tired of using my Vulcan Mind Tricks on him. D. Desperately walking and watching TV while practicing eating ice chips. Pretty soon I just took a nap because, after all, I could continue to will him to get moving in half an hour or so, as I was dang tired. THAT WAS ALL ON MY TIME. Now, it seemed that as soon as I let my guard down, the actual plan went into motion. I was yanked out of my sleep by huge pains coming about a minute apart. I was hyperventilating before I realized what was going on, and knew I was having my son right then. I was no longer in charge, I was simply watching what unfolded, along for the ride. SOMEONE ELSE tracked down my husband. SOMEONE ELSE bundled me in the car. SOMEONE ELSE chose their own way to get to the hospital, AND how fast to go, AND which bumps and potholes to use or avoid at their own discretion. I didn’t pick who wheeled me to a room that I didn’t pick out because there was no time to get settled first. And I certainly wasn’t the one that made the decision to let me have the baby naturally, simply because my muscles were too clenched to safely get the epidural in my back. You want to know what I was in charge of through that small but revealing time? My attitude. That’s it! Through the whole ordeal, I got to choose how to deal with what life hurled at me. And, no, I didn’t rise to the occasion right off the bat. My exact words were, “But I didn’t take Lamaze class this time because I planned on using the epidural! Never mind. I am not ready yet. Not like this. Please make it stop. I don’t want to do this. Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and I’m pretty sure there was a swear word in there somewhere. How did life respond to my response? The pain got worse!!! Eventually I stopped complaining and concentrated on working with the process to get through it. What that looked like to me was finding a specific 1 inch square spot on the ceiling that I could concentrate my will, my force, my pain, my everything that was not my body, and just breathe. I got very quiet and just let myself breathe. Once I got to that point, My son came quickly. Actually I screamed my bloody guts out right before he came, my mother tried to soothe me by saying, “SHHH… it’s ok. Don’t yell.” And I told her, in my least demonic voice, to shut up. (Side Note: I have never told my mom to shut up until that point. It was kind of freeing. I am hoping she doesn’t remember that part.) And THENNNN, my son came. And I found that I was a part of life that I wasn’t in control of. And Life Still Played On. Again, freeing. To bring it back to my writer’s block, I can do all the exercises I want, but when I write best is when I am simply part of Life. I think I will leave the directing to those who really have the schedule down. In the mean time, I just clipped my nails and reorganized my shoes, which I have never scheduled into my life before, so I guess that’s good too. Otherwise I would never have thrown out the furry muk-luk boots, complete with tassels, that got handed down to me by some relative in Alaska.

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