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And It Cliqued, Just Like That.


Here’s the thing about women. They are POWERFUL. They have influence individually, but in groups, they are exceptional. And if anyone has been to middle school, or high school, you may have experienced some of that. Whether in a school dance or at a lunch table, school age groups of females have been a force to be reckoned with. I know this because, well, I am one. And from experience, I know how hard it can be to operate around a group of females. A bad hair day, or the wrong jeans are sometimes all it takes to feel the brunt of a gaggle of ladies. We women can be cliquish. Dramatic. Catty. Gossipy.


powerful womenWe woman can be inspiring. Empowering. Encouraging.  This is what I experienced tonight. I experienced a MeetUp group called Onederous Women. Onederous Women chose into creating an inclusive space where networking was not a cattle call for business cards. I experienced a space, instead, where strengths were shared.  I got to be part of a space where women met to empower, enjoy, and partake of each other’s lives.

It was an honor.

Imagine this: Nourishment for the belly and the soul all in one room. Practical solutions to everyday problems. A group of problem-solvers devoted to hearing a call and responding. That’s what happened tonight. Right there in the basement of a church, inspiration happened. Bravery happened. Connection happened.

And I was in awe.

I choose to believe it was all for me. It had to be. Because it was that specific to me. No, seriously. Look. I have needs. And wants. We all do, but all I can do is speak for me. So, again,  I am saying that I lack in many areas. And mostly, I get to them eventually. EVENTUALLY, some things get handled, but some just keep getting pushed to the bottom of the pile. But it was a bit uncanny that so many of my needs and wants and lacks were being solved in one room, at one time. The room was filled with innovative solutions by women who utilized their talents, their experiences, their sorrows and joys into a workable resource that filled a need.

My need, tonight.

Check this out. I need a tailor. For my husband. We have been looking and looking, but never really got around to pulling the trigger. So we just let it hang out there, in nebulous space. Also, I need to eat healthier. I say it every day, and so does my daughter and hubby. Again, nebulous need. However, I also need a practical way to travel. It has become more important. Also, I need clothes that rock. But I just hate shopping.

stuffNebulous space gets a bit crowded sometimes.

So many more. I need guidance with my finances on an ongoing basis. So does everyone I know. I crave knowing what I don’t know. I stink at sending out cards and correspondence. I am on a journey of discovering how to heal and move forward. I need help knowing how to market to people who are looking for what I can do for them (Freelance writing, by the way. Shameless Plug.) Blah, Blah, Blah. I lack in many areas, but what I lack the most is a cheering section of people who know how hard it is to be living life as a woman, and know how to help.

I didn’t even know that having a one-stop problem-solving shop was an option.

These ladies brought all their power together and what came from it was an alliance of possibility. Power radiated throughout that room, and I don’t know that they even realized it. Actually, they probably do. And now, so do I. Think about the power of possibility. Now add to it the real-life applications, the experience, the innovation that comes from hard working business-minded women. It adds up to much more than hope.

lightbulb momentIt is what makes success.

If you have one whit of sense, you will seek out this group. For networking, sure. For fun, yes. But for a life-changing experience, definitely. Be part of a power clique.


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Social Media Newbie…

In actuality, I didn’t know that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkdIn, and Google Circles, and Tumblr, and. Pinterest, and… All the rest… Were part of Social media. Not a clue. I didn’t know they counted. Until a few days ago.  My husband asked if I would ghost write some updates, blogs, and statuses for his business. I believe it is called, “getting your brand out there”.

I said “ok”. Like it was no big deal. I didn’t want him to know how little I knew about social media. I mean, honestly, I had to be the last person on the planet to be on Twitter.  I was much more comfortable with checking Facebook a few times a day, and calling it good.

did it occur to me that these options could be used for business purposes, and for networking? Nope. (Even though I have about half of my home town friended on my Facebook account. how’s that for networking?) I just thought it was a fun way to catch up with people and see what meaningless recipes were out there.

luckily, this opportunity has fallen in my lap.

i have researched the ins and outs of many different options, making accounts for myself, and engaging in them.

Wanna know what I found?

a fantastic opportunity to chat with purpose. Sharing ideas and resumes and articles and pictures and posts… They have been there all along, but I just discovered it out now. So I’m behind. Sue me. But I am excited.

Now the work begins. I know what my husband does. It is just time to soak up the info and put it into words, articles, and posts. It’s exciting and I am out of my element. Except for one thing: I love meeting people, chatting with them, blogging, and researching. It’s my jam, if you please.

I won’t be an expert for a long time. But I am almost graduated from a newbie. Wish me luck!


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