Social Media Newbie…

28 Feb

In actuality, I didn’t know that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkdIn, and Google Circles, and Tumblr, and. Pinterest, and… All the rest… Were part of Social media. Not a clue. I didn’t know they counted. Until a few days ago.  My husband asked if I would ghost write some updates, blogs, and statuses for his business. I believe it is called, “getting your brand out there”.

I said “ok”. Like it was no big deal. I didn’t want him to know how little I knew about social media. I mean, honestly, I had to be the last person on the planet to be on Twitter.  I was much more comfortable with checking Facebook a few times a day, and calling it good.

did it occur to me that these options could be used for business purposes, and for networking? Nope. (Even though I have about half of my home town friended on my Facebook account. how’s that for networking?) I just thought it was a fun way to catch up with people and see what meaningless recipes were out there.

luckily, this opportunity has fallen in my lap.

i have researched the ins and outs of many different options, making accounts for myself, and engaging in them.

Wanna know what I found?

a fantastic opportunity to chat with purpose. Sharing ideas and resumes and articles and pictures and posts… They have been there all along, but I just discovered it out now. So I’m behind. Sue me. But I am excited.

Now the work begins. I know what my husband does. It is just time to soak up the info and put it into words, articles, and posts. It’s exciting and I am out of my element. Except for one thing: I love meeting people, chatting with them, blogging, and researching. It’s my jam, if you please.

I won’t be an expert for a long time. But I am almost graduated from a newbie. Wish me luck!


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