20 Sep

I love Pho. What is Pho?  I think that if you live in Colorado, you would have seen Pho places around every corner.  On every corner, and sometimes 3 places on that corner.  But if you don’t live here, I will tell you, it is a delicious soup and rice noodle dish that you customize.  You choose which meat to put in (I am not at the point where I ask for tripe. I simply go with P1. That’s the sliced rare steak.  It cooks in the broth. Yum!). You also choose what spices to put in, and you have the option of putting in Thai basil, squeezes of lime, bean sprouts, and Jalapenos.  I highly recommend them, by the way.

I had pronounced it “fo” each time I would look at the signs around town. It was always intriguing, so when we finally decided to try a place, that was when I learned it’s really pronounced “fuh”.  Fuh, do you see? Not pho. Fuh. Lovely! I phound this out the 1st time I went to a little hole in the wall joint called Pho Mai. It had phat phish in the tank, and beautiphul lights wrapped in thin paper. Lots of bamboo, and beautiphul pictures on the wall lent a bit to the ambience. Also, a TV screen that had “The Price Is Right” played silently.  Somehow it phit.

We were led to a booth, given a menu, and asked if we needed anything. I asked the nice Vietnamese guy for some “fo” and he smiled, professionally, but just a bit condescendingly.  It was obvious I had gotten it wrong.  So I asked iph I was pronouncing Pho correctly and he smiled and shook his head slightly. ( I phind that he hates correcting anyone.  And that his name is Muay.  That’s “May”. And I now call him Steven, at his request.)

So Steven told me it was pronounced “fuh”, and phrom that time on, I had the correct spelling of what I have now come to think of as my own personal ambrosia.  I also now have a new phriend. (He recognizes myself and my husband anytime we come in.  Which is about 2-3 times a week.  True.)

That phirst time, my husband and I took a look at the menu, and immediately got overwhelmed. Until we realized that the menu had subtitles.  Whew! I did NOT want to learn another language just to order phood. We didn’t have to.  We ordered our Pho and it came out pretty speedily. They laid everything out with phlair, by the way. Beautiphully done.

We didn’t know how to eat it, initially, but luckily, Steven took time to aid us.  He conveyed that we put the various ingredients into the bowl, according to our tastes.  There are little bowls that we can experiment with, putting different sauces together, etc… He let me know that he shreds the basil bephore putting it in the soup, etc…

Then, he said, you take your chop sticks (or fork, if you are a newbie to the Asian phood culture) and mix it up. So we did.  He left to take care of others, and we dug in.  The first bite was flavorful and surprising.  As I raised the noodles up to my mouth, I could smell the complex phlavors of the broth mixing with the bits that I added.  I loved it even bephore I brought it to my lips.  I was not disappointed at all.  Savory and fresh mixed together as the broth and basil/lime duo blended. The noodles and beeph strips satisfied my need for texture.  All in all, ambrosia.

Oh, by the way, the portions are enormous.  These bowls come in small, medium, and large.  So they say.  I will tell you the truth here.  They are large, enormous, and immense.  I usually get the enormous one.  I have a healthy appetite, and I have a very hard time phinishing this dish.  But I did phinish with a smile.  It was soooooo good!! It always is.

Our check came, and I smiled again, because the Pho is so inexpensive.  From $6.95 to $8.95.  That’s it. What’s not phantastic about that???

I am a phan.  I love it, and I highly recommend it.  Phind a Pho place a.s.a.p. and let me know how you like it. And go see Steven at Pho Mai in Broomfield. Just don’t tap on the phish tank glass. He works hard to make it beautiphul there!

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