How Bout A Little Old With The New?

02 Jan

English: i am a retard and i love doughnuts th...

I just spoke with a friend. She discussed with me some traditions she was keeping alive. Namely, baking cookies, just like her mom used to make. This brought to me a memory of my mom making doughnuts. OH MAN! Her doughnuts still make my mouth water. And I think half of the reason for it is because of the memory that goes with it.

My Kitchen(Clean for now)

She had a huge kitchen. The kind that held a big ol table, with the appliances all around it, just waiting for hoards of people to visit in it and help out with whatever meal or treat was on the counter. It was expected that if you are in the kitchen, you wash your hands and dig in to prepare it. That meant rolling out dough, and mixing ingredients in bowls, and stirring just-so on the stove.

I loved it.

Now, here I am with kids and a big kitchen of my own. My kids are older, and I have only had them help out a few times. To my eternal shame. I thought I was doing myself a favor because I could cook or bake faster with them out-of-the-way, but I have robbed myself and them of the memories to be made from the chaos that goes on in the kitchen.

Well, no more!

English: Home-baked cut-out sugar cookies, und...

This is a new year. It is time for resolutions and new habits and whatnot.  For me, I will bring some of the past into the present and make my own memories with the kids, and my husband, who already cooks more than me. I will be baking with the kids at first (I enjoy that more than cooking), and then move on to meals.

Wish me luck as I bring sugar cookies and doughnuts into my home, and let the kids into the memories!


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3 responses to “How Bout A Little Old With The New?

  1. lingeringvisions

    January 3, 2013 at 2:57 am

    Awwww ❤



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