Idaho. I don’t know.

31 Oct

“In the end”, He ponders, “a story is just someone’s snippet .” He moves along in the hot Idaho air, a blessing in April. Dust swirls up, around and lands on his hairy arms. “Why not mine? Why not put down all the life that is farming and digging and gathering and selling? I will just start to jot and see what happens.” Smiling, the planting rushes by.


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4 responses to “Idaho. I don’t know.

  1. melancholiastudioinc

    November 10, 2011 at 12:39 am

    Hello Sharon — The workshop is going at a glacial pace. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I write well enough. It’s the beginning middle and end thing. And the submitting thing. Where’s the print it, polish it send it workshop?? I’m getting old. Not looking to polish my little gems that never make a necklace forever. I submitted two things in the last year or so, and quit there. That’s not good enough. I should have re-submitted elsewhere and edited some stuff that needs it. What’s the point of making new unfinished non-stories? What do you think? Have you submitted any of your stuff anywhere?


  2. free2live282000

    November 10, 2011 at 5:57 am

    I agree with you about the pace of the workshop. I get that the snails pace was assumed because many people would, again assumption, be working on a novel in a month (I am, by the way, but only after Mike kind of tossed it off as an “of course we will be slowing down for this event” thing.. I’m glad to hear about it.)

    I honestly had wondered how I wrote before I came to this workshop. I mean, people told me I did well. And I think we both know I crack myself up on certain topics. Now, after being in cyber relationship with our group, I feel a bit more confidant on my type of writing. For a bit, I was worried (I don’t know why) that my style was not refined enough, or well rounded enough or…just enough. The good news is that now I know that I am me. So I, like you, will be doing less polishing of methods and snippets that are never published, and more of what I came there to do in the first place. Write, Submit, and Edit where needed.

    In answer to your question, I think the only point of making new unfinished non-stories is to puff up your ego. And to practice. So, if this is not your goal, then it may be time to do more. 🙂

    I have not submitted more than a short story or two, and it was done very timidly, as I did not know how, where, or with whom to submit. It is intimidating. I am finding our writing group to be helpful for the writing contest info and submissions. I appreciate your comments in that area.

    My plan is to finish this novel by the end of November and then submit it in multiple places. I will also be turning much of my silly little stories of my thoughts and growing up stuff into characters and scenes for other stories.



  3. melancholiastudioinc

    November 10, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    That’s ambitious, a novel by end of November. All kinds of writers were printed, published and famous by my age….artists, too, I wonder why I bother. Might as well have jigsaw puzzles for a hobby. Or just read all the time. I read all the time.


  4. free2live282000

    November 10, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    I find it very interesting, lady, that you don’t see yourself as… accomplished. I have seen your writing, but also your paintings, your sketches and they are amazing. that means good, by the way. as in, you are incredibly talented. and passionate. so, the question to me is not whether you could publish or be discovered in any area, it is can you handle success as well as you handle uncertainty?



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