So This Is The Flavor of Crazy. Not Bad. Not Bad At All….

27 Sep

by Sharon Thornton Montgomery on Sunday, 06 June 2010 at 01:12

Summer. It’s what I wait for every year. Summer equals fireworks, and watermelon. It equals gardening and promise. It equals sprinklers under the trampoline and stargazing. How, then, can I be caught by surprise when the heat and stickiness make me go crazy EVERY YEAR? It laces right over the heart of the watermelon I cram into my mouth, and sinks into the fabric of the hammock I just teetered on.

Crazy even shows its ugly head throughout the beauty of the 4th of July fireworks display as I fight the crowds to find that 3 foot square plot of land in the park. I cram the kids, snacks brought from home, lawn chairs, and a tent onto this spot so I can savor the golden moment, and KA-CHOW! our senses are assaulted.

Heat and stickiness seep into all of my activities throughout summer, but I forget about it until it has a firm hold of me and starts giggling.

I wonder why everyone and everything is irritating until I realize… Oh. I’m the grumpy one. I can’t breathe in without feeling the dampness of my skin moving against my wrinkles in my clothes, and my hair. Immediately the thought pops in, “I’M GOING CRAZY!!!! If I don’t…(insert ultimatum here)… I’ll go crazy.”

This year, If I don’t cut my hair, I’ll go crazy!!!

I’ll deal with it here in a few more days. I’ll look at the clouds and notice the moisture forming as I water my garden, or go to the mountains and breathe in the cooler air as I ride the Alpine Slide down the hill. I may even sample some fresh peas and forgive the heat altogether. I do remember that without the heat, I can’t have the fantastic-ness that is summer. As long as Crazy tastes this good, I’ll take it.

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