So About Loose Ends…

11 Sep

So about loose ends….

Nobody likes loose ends. Or any ends at all, really. It’s why we have sequels, and prequels, as well as class reunions and Private Investigators, and haircuts. We can’t have ends just…..hanging out there…, can we? Well, not and be satisfied, at any rate.
Take me, for instance. I’m on a current journey about tidying up loose ends. Taking a trip down memory lane to dig deep into old memories and jolt some meaning, some …AHAA! That’s why that happened!….. so i can tuck it back into the recesses of my memory. Anddd, to take comfort in the fact that there are no holes in that particular part of my life.
Hmmmm…. I don’t know of many people that like holes either. Potholes, black holes, even old comfy quilts that have worn holes in them. They all need to be patched up, fixed up and explained. Again with the tidiness…. Why is this? I think it is because we don’t really want to do maintenance. We are, as a human race, selectively lazy. Yes, i said it out loud. We will work and work and work very hard…… so we can relax. Let things build up, like laundry, dishes, unresolved pasts…..etc… and then have a desire in one weekend to tidy things up so we can put off the upkeep for a little bit longer.
Usually this involves a pep talk (ok you can do this. you want a clean….insert untidy part….., so buck up happy camper!), a bribe (as soon as this is DONE, we can……insert motivation, usually including chocolate or spending money…….), and a trip to the chinese food restaurant for hot and sour soup. Bad-a-boom, Bad-a-bing. There is a start, and an end. Tidy, right?
The question i am now wondering is, at what point is the cost of the tidiness worth the trip it takes to get to that point?
How many bad memories need to be relived, in order to find out what happened at one particular spot in time? Or, how many people does it take to track down the answer to the burning question you have always wanted to know? At what time does the burning curiosity just not get to be satiated, at the expense of time, money, and/or heartache? I’m going to say it depends on the burning curiosity
I, for one, was willing to track down a music teacher, hound his son, badger half of my hometown, and travel back and forth from state to state in between snow storms, just to find the answer to these questions, “Where the heck did he go when he retired? How is it that he just disappeared? Is he dead? Does he still look like Indiana Jones?” You know, those regular burning questions that we all have.
And i ultimately have no idea if the digging, the phone calls, or the follow-ups were worth it to anyone but me, and a faithful tuba player that sent his requested solo to me. (Thanks, sir.), but there were many other questions, along the way, that got answered at the same time.  Woot.
 Tracking down loose ends brought some satisfaction and closure, but i wonder if i will really get to the real question, “Do i matter to this person still?” That’s the whole point of going down memory lane, right? The class reunions, the private investigators and the healing of self or others. It’s about, “Do i matter?” I’m thinking that i’ll find my answers when i’m ready to accept that question. I’m 35, for the love of chicken. It’s about time.
They say that when people write a story, it often gives more insight into the author than it does into the plot. You caught me. This is, in fact, about me. Again. I’m finding this in-SATIABLE desire to wrap things up. It is the first time, however, that i’ve wondered if, when i wrap the things up that i need/want to, what then?????
Well, hubby would probably say i’d move onto wrapping his things up. Or the kids things. Basically, get nosy and butt in more. Or, i’d just wander around the house, tweaking things juuuussttt a bit, here and there. Just to give myself the satisfaction of still fixing something, I guess.
Maybe, as i talk to people, heal, clean up, and move forward, maybe it won’t be about the tidying up anymore. Maybe it will just be a new beginning, which is much more desirable than an ending. What if the journey ends up being, not a clean up of loose ends, but a start of a new journey in a different space?  A WHOLE, CLEAN SPACE.  Weh-hehh-hhelll! That might just be a jumping off point to see if i am about maintenance.
I, in point of fact, do matter. To me. And that is what’s needed for the filling in of holes, the mending of loose ends, and the moving forward. Mystery solved.

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2 responses to “So About Loose Ends…

  1. midnitechef

    September 12, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    Heya, thanks for leaving a note on my blog! Funny post, and I agree life is not tidy at all 🙂


    • free2live282000

      September 12, 2011 at 3:08 pm

      I will let definitely let you know how this goes. The new concept of cooking on purpose is kind of exciting.



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