So a trout walks into a bar, and orders some Spam….

26 Aug

INFATUATION. Yark. Not because it isn’t fun. Yark because, well, infatuation is the limbo of the harsh reality of love. There is a start. There is a middle, and sometimes, there is an end. Infatuation comes in like, ummm, like…like the spam on a hook to bait the unsuspecting river trout.

Trout: Just floating along, maybe looking for a bug, or a bit of Flotsom to chow on. Maybe just feeling out the current. Then WHAM!!!!! A bit of Spam is just dangling along in the current with him/her. “What kind of goodness is this?” He thinks….And takes the bite of apparent goodness.

Only, after he takes that first blissful bite, with maybe a bit of perma-grin as he looks around at his trout-posse, knowing THEY don’t have Spam in THEIR mouths…. does he realize that this goodness comes with some commitment. And that’s what I’m talking about. The hook. Now this hook is just there, shoring up the Spam of love, at first. We may even call it fun, a tool, or no strings attached….Spam. But there is, each time, a leee-eetle bit of e-ouch!-what-was-that?…ness….

It may even be that as long as it does not start to pull too much ,too hard, or too many times, that we can get used to that Spam flavored hook. Ok enough with the fish stories. All hooked fish end up getting pulled out of the river of comfort to be dashed against the rocks of reality at some point. Depressing? YOU try having a spam covered hook in your mouth, with all your friends laughing at you…..

I guess what i think about infatuation is this: It HAS to be that alluring, because if we knew or thought about what happened AFTER the infatuation, we may just pass on it and go back to the safety of our ho hum lives. OH YEAH…, our lives seemed so ho hum, before infatuation came sniffing around. All of a sudden, it doesn’t matter how late we stay up, how little sleep we get, how many dollars we may spend, or how many daydreams float by at work, as long as we can get just a LITTLE bit more of the elixir of love. DANG IT!!!!!

And while we are at it….Have you ever wondered about how stupid we look to others when we are infatuated? like the fish with a hook in his mouth swimming around looking smug. What his friends see is a fish that’s going to get it in the end. But the hook guy is happy about it!!!!!! Ok well , the same thing happens on dry land. Our friends look over our heads at each other and roll their eyes. Or when we are texting with that stupid perma-grin look on our face?….. Yeah, they roll their eyes then too.

Now why do they roll their eyes??? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between love and infatuation, apparently. The only ones that don’t get it are the ones going ga ga in stupid meeting places, like across a crowded KFC to get together for 1/2 hr of what-if-ness. Like i said before, Yark.

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Posted by on August 26, 2009 in fish, humor, infatuation, love


One response to “So a trout walks into a bar, and orders some Spam….

  1. Anonymous

    August 26, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    Great post, Sharon! I needed to hear that! And will now happily appreciate my ho hum life!!Laurie B.



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