11 Jun

Have you ever googled yourself? We, as computer literate people, most likely have. I, as a busy person with life going on, haven’t until tonight. Do you know how many me’s there are out there? Apparently, i’m a singer, an executive, and a dorky student in texas that knows that it is ” Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness month” somewhere. Hmmmm, i should probably look up that need for awareness before i think of it as a dork trait to know about it. (maybe it’s a life altering thing, and someone is suffering from it right now. i’m so insensitive. if so, my bad, and you may comment on it.)

no wonder i can amuse myself so well. there are so many aspects of….well…. me.

for instance, i had no idea that when i googled myself i would come across a blogspot, but not my blogspot. you know? i followed the link, and there my name was, but someone elses blog!!!! I got so excited!!!!!…. until i realized there was one and only one blog on this blogspot. “SUITCASES”. um, yeah, the other me blogged about the correct way to shop for suitcases. How did i get so boring????? ye-ow-zah!

of course, i’m technically talking to myself on here. a one way conversation, except for the nice guy, THEWIZARD, and thank you for making yourself known. Man, now i have competition, with myself, for THEWIZARD. It’s between life not being tidy, or shopping for suitcases……. i’m worried. I hope you stay with the me me.

I also didn’t realize i was so many titles. mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter…. check. Now add to that GRANDMA (yikes, i’m not ready), publisher, caberet dancer/singer, talk show host, and trapeze artist. Yeah, i’m that good. So the next time you hear me say, “I’m every woman”, I really am. 🙂

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Posted by on June 11, 2009 in Life


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