When high class takes a big crash…it looks like this.

11 Apr

One of the biggest pulls i have in facebook is that up to now i have not been bombarded with lewd or crass ads. I’m finding that part of that is because of the choices i have made as to whom i bring into my circle of friends, as well as who is able to see my facebook page. I could blithely send farm town requests, or whatever, as well as receive things and think, “um, do i REALLY want to be this froofee?” Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but no harm, no foul.

Every once in a while i would go really wild and take a “which tic tac flavor are u” survey. I’m mint, by the way. Wint-O-green. The way i would find these novelty things is by seeing what others had put in their history, as we all well know. For the record, my stripper name is Lacy GlitzDixon, my superhero of choice is The Flash, and my color is RED. Lucky, eh? And i feel preety high falutin.

Until this morning.My kids, 12 and 7, got a kick out of surfing the facebook with me for a few minutes when we ran across a little thing we could do. ….. sent a blah blah blah from yada yada yada gifts. We looked at the gift and laughed out loud. I thought, “we should go there and send a gift also. So as we clicked on the application, we picked out a lovely gift to send to 20 friends. The most well thought out friends that are probably reading this now. The gift of choice? of course it was a face to face toilet 🙂 Who wouldn’t want a face to face toilet as a gift? Think of the possibilities….

So as we finish our list and click send, the funniest thing happens. And when i say funny, i mean WHAT???? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?????? Because a very large amount of lewd, crass and inappropriate material pops up right around the “thank you for sending this gift to your friends” note. The look on my kids face was priceless. It was that of confusion as i slammed the lid of the laptop down. “Hey! I was still looking at that!”, and the look on my face was “I have just exposed my youngest kids to the porn industry!!!”

So sure, you have now gotten the quirky toilet joke gift, but you have now also gotten the link that says, “please note, Sharon is a giver of the nasty. Please enjoy her new found sense of humor”. For the record, I did not thoroughly look through the site before sending it. That would be my bad, and would make me the person that you hear about in the statistics that is the NEWBIE. Relatively so, i guess.

If you see something that says sharon has sent a face to face toilet to….. 20 people, including my family, friends, and co-workers, please use your filter and your good sense. Or go right ahead and revel in the knowledge that I have brought the nasty into your life. My bad. My apologies. My goodness….

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Posted by on April 11, 2009 in Life


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